Affordable Asbestos Removal Port Adelaide

Welcome to Affordable Asbestos Removal Port Adelaide. We not only work in the Port Adelaide Enfield area, but can service all of Adelaide.

Did you know, that if you have a home or warehouse built prior to 1060, then there is a good chance it could contain asbestos.

If you’re looking to bulldoze or renovate, then contact us for some asbestos testing first.

We can carry out the asbestos testing, and then discuss the best course of action from there.

If asbestos removal is required, then you’re safe in the knowledge that we hold the highest licensing possible and adhere to the strictest safety methods. We are qualified to handle all asbestos including friable asbestos removal.

It’s also nice to know that we have under our group, a demolition company also. This means that we can take care of everything from start to finish in an affordable, and professional manner.

Get in touch for a friendly chat and let us answer any questions you may have.