Affordable Asbestos Removal Adelaide

Proudly serving all of Adelaide, Affordable Asbestos Removal Adelaide, is proud to assist Adelaide with asbestos testing and removal.

We are your one stop shop from asbestos testing, to see if you have asbestos on your property, and what kind it is.

Plus we are one of the few companies in Adelaide who hold both A & B Class Licenses to remove asbestos. This means we are licensed to handle ALL kinds of asbestos, including the highly dangerous friable asbestos. Most asbestos companies can only handle the bonded asbestos and haven’t undergone the training and certification to handle friable asbestos.

Our training and internal controls are very stringent, and we take extreme care to ensure each job is completed 100% successfully, with 100% safety. There are no shortcuts. However, we still manage to keep prices low because we have a good team of employees who have been with the company for a number of years. This means all our workers are staff, not contractors. We trust them, and they know exactly what they are doing, and the most efficient, cheapest and effective way to rid your property of asbestos.

We are also a complete service, providing asbestos testing, all types of asbestos removal, and demolition. We are a demolition company as well, which means we already have the personnel on site. Once again, this ensures we are completely accountable for the entire job, no one can shift blame. And it makes our work more efficient and cheaper for you if you need asbestos demolition and removal.

We also do:
Hazardous waste removal
Contaminated Soil Removal
Asbestos Removal
Asbestos Testing
Friable Asbestos Removal
Licensed for all types of asbestos removal in Adelaide.

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